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In your 30s or 40s? YES, You Could Have Low Testosterone!

Are you tired all of the time? Does sex feel like work? Feel you have lost your edge or your sense of vitality? Put on a gut? Feel pretty “blah” most of the time? Have you just chalked it up to getting older? Perhaps what you are experiencing is a very common condition called: Low Testosterone.

low testosterone

Most think low testosterone is only for “old” guys; however, after age 30 men start to experience a slow decline in testosterone levels. Whether it is a result of aging, medical conditions (diabetes or obesity), or environmental impacts (endocrine disrupting chemicals, BPA, plastics) the fact remains many men are experiencing low testosterone. In fact, new research is showing 1 in every 4 men over 30 are experiencing low testosterone, they just may not know it.

one in four low testosterone

Symptoms of Low Testosterone

Symptoms of low testosterone levels begin to manifest with low sex drive, fatigue, loss of muscle mass, and an overall lack of motivation or excitement for life. Men can’t often put a finger on when exactly it began because the symptoms gradually present until it is simply the “new normal” of life for them. The truth is, by time symptoms arise and start to get noticed men have already been living with low testosterone for some time – they just didn’t know it. A good example of this can be seen with the low testosterone symptom of erectile dysfunction.

Erectile Dysfunction - A Common Symptom

fatigued man

Erectile dysfunction doesn’t happen overnight. It is a slowly manifesting problem which generally begins with low testosterone circulating in the system.

Men with optimal testosterone in circulation have multiple erections throughout the night. It is involuntary. It just happens. It’s a natural process by which the body keeps the “muscle” of the penis strong.

Men typically do not notice when these nocturnal erections stop happening until some time goes by and they begin to notice a decrease in morning erections. By the time this symptom is noticed, the nocturnal erections have dissipated or greatly diminished and the penis is not getting the “work-out” it used to, causing it to become more flaccid or weak. When the time for sex comes around, men are not able to achieve as strong of an erection as before, and in extreme cases, not at all.

This is when men typically turn to using the inconvenient process of high-dose Viagra or Cialis to treat the symptom and not the cause, which is typically low testosterone. This process can often fail and certainly does not allow for much spontaneity, as one must pre-plan their sexual activity – like it is a work appointment to keep. Which is less than ideal.

Treatment for Low Testosterone

Fortunately, getting testosterone replacement is a simple and discrete process and can get you back to enjoying life like you once did! Treatment begins with getting labs drawn and having a personalized discussion with a medical provider about your symptoms and medical condition.

Replacing testosterone is as simple as applying a daily topical cream or with a few small weekly injections. Injections may sound intimidating, but they really are not. Gone are the days where men had to stab their thighs or buttocks with huge intramuscular injection needles.

Treatment for erectile dysfunction always begins with treating the root cause – low testosterone. IF more support is needed for optimal performance, more modern methods of treatment are utilized, such as daily low-dose tadalafil which keeps men “pre-loaded” ready to go, without the need of 4 hours lead time in order to perform.

Happy Couple

Get Started Today

With testosterone replacement, men say they feel younger, more vigorous, more motivated, and more excited about life overall! Their sex life is improved; they are losing weight, gaining muscle, excelling in their work, and are back to their happier selves. The process is simple, the cost is reasonable, and the results are life-changing! What are you waiting for?

Contact Precision Health Alaska to find out how to get started today!



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