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Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy

Optimal Health - No Matter The Age!

Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy uses hormones identical in molecular structure to the hormones naturally made by your body. Because they are what our bodies are used to, Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) is quite effective. BHRT is a more natural and safer alternative to conventional hormone replacement therapy which typically uses synthetic hormones.  

As we age, our body's ability to produce hormones naturally diminishes. Most women begin to notice changes related to this decrease in hormone production, such as changes in our ability to sleep well, to concentrate, and to lose weight. Mood changes become more common and sex drive decreases. These can be the result of our body not being able to produce adequate hormone levels.

BHRT replenishes the hormones which are depleted, and as a result, slows the aging process and helps you to feel your Optimal Best. 

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Thyroid Optimization

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Hormone Imbalance in Women

Hormone imbalance in women is often mistaken for the normal aging process. The following symptoms are NOT normal signs aging. They are signals your body is undergoing a hormone imbalance: 

  • Hot Flashes

  • Weight Gain

  • Night Sweats

  • Mood Swings, Depression, Anxiety

  • Vaginal Dryness

  • Low Sex Drive

  • "Brain Fog"

  • Sleep Issues, Insomnia

  • Osteoporosis


Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy counteracts these symptoms (often related to peri-menopause, menopause, or other hormonal imbalances) by helping to: 

  • Boost Energy

  • Increase Libido

  • Improve Concentration and Mood

  • Protect Your Cardiovascular System

  • Strengthen Bones


BHRT improves quality of life by alleviating symptoms associated with hormonal imbalances with patients feeling more energetic, happier, stronger, and better able to enjoy their lives. 

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Get Started with
Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy

The process of becoming a member of Precision Health Alaska is simple. After submitting your information requesting a consultation, you will be contacted to set up an appointment.
Below is a step-by-step outline of the process.  

Step 1
Laboratory Work-up

Initial Consultation

Start-up Fees: $599

A comprehensive blood draw laboratory work-up will be performed, followed by a 60+ min consultation with the provider to discuss your symptoms, concerns, medical history, goals, along with a physical examination. 

Blood Work for TRT

Step 2
Medication Selection

Monthly Membership
1 Hormone $179 per month 

2 Hormones $199 per month
3 Hormones $239 per month
(3-month minimum membership required)

Includes all medication, supplies,
delivery costs, support, 
and follow-up labs. 
Medications are typically delivered directly to your home.


TRT Delivered to Home

Step 3


As a Precision Health Member, you have access to contact your provider if any questions or concerns should arise - all included in your monthly membership. 

Lab work will be repeated as needed and is included in your monthly membership fees.
If a follow-up provider visit is necessary, the cost is included as part
of your membership. 


Ready Set Go
I'm interested in:

Thank you for submitting!

You will be contacted shortly.

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