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Precision Health Alaska
3D Body Scanner


See the Difference in your

Body's Shape in 3D

  • Fast & Non-Invasive

  • Visualize All Body Measurements

  • View the Changes Masked by Scales

  • Analyze Body Composition: 

    • %Body Fat%Lean Muscle, Visceral Fat, Bone Density, Waist-to-hip Ratio & More

  • Set Personalized Fitness Goals

  • Examine Underlying Health Risks

  • Track Progress & Change Over Time

  • DEXA-quality Body Composition with Medical Grade Accuracy

Weight scales often mislead you into thinking your not making progress.

Nothing is more illustrative and motivating than to
actually see your body transform. 

Precision Health Alaska's 3D Body Scanner digitally measures your body's composition so you can see where you are losing weight or gaining/moving muscle over time. 

3D Body Scan Sample

Precision Health Alaska's 3D Body Scanner is a revolutionary way to assess body composition and track changes in your body.

It uses advanced 3D imaging technology to accurately measure fat, muscle mass, and other body metrics for a comprehensive view of your physical health.

With our 3D Body Scanner you can more easily identify areas you would like to focus on to reach your fitness goals. ​

The 3D Body Scanner creates full body images to provide a 360° view of your body. It then uses this data to generate reports with detailed information about your body composition, as well as visuals to help you track your progress over time. The 3D Body Scanner combines 3D scanning technology, photogrammetry, and computer vision algorithms providing exact measurements to areas, such as waist, hips, thighs, arms, and neck with incredibly high precision. It calculates your Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR), Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR), and average daily caloric expenditure.

female profile scan overlay
male profile scan overlay
3D Body Scan Male Sample
body measurements analysis

Precision Health Alaska's 3D Body Scanner is a unique and useful addition to our weight loss programs, helping our members to visualize their weight loss in tangible terms, and for our members who are seeking to change their body's composition with targeted muscle gains to specific areas. The 3D Body Scanner will accurately show gained / loss of inches to specific body areas. 

The 3D model produced may be rotated, panned, zoomed from every angle to visualize shape and landmarks. Additionally, scans may be overlaid to view volume and shape analysis in profile or silhouette views.

data comparisons
overlay comparison

How it Works
The scanning process takes just 35 seconds. You stand sill on a rotating platform, wearing form-fitting clothing (hair pulled back, no shoes). The scan takes 600 infrared images of your waist, hips, biceps, and more. 

Precision Health Alaska's 3D Body Scanner's technology produces results and measurements in realtime. Every scan includes a three-dimensional model and pages of comprehensive analysis, including body shape analysis, body fat analysis (also cites national averages for comparison), and a fat-loss calculator. The program will combine and compare previous scans to show changes over time right before your eyes. 

visualize fat loss in 3D
see the results in 3D

How Other Methods Compare

Different body scan products are prone to hydration influences, may be invasive, or lack repeatability. Precision Health Alaska's 3D Body Scanner gives an accurate representation of your body composition and can highlight the areas you may want to improve or lose unwanted inches. Visualizing progress and change is far more motivating. It is safe for pregnant women and those with pacemakers, unlike other methods. 

comparison chart

Scientifically Validated 

Precision Health Alaska's 3D Body Scanner by Styku has been scientifically validated through multiple peer-reviewed studies conducted by the University of Washington, University of California San Francisco, University of North Dakota, Louisiana State University, and others published in Clinical Nutrition and the Obesity Society Journal, not only for accuracy, but for the ability to predict metabolic disease. 

clinical nutrition journal
obesity journal article

Quick, Easy, Accurate, & Affordable

PHA Program Members: INCLUDED (up to one scan per month)

Non-Member Pricing: $75 per scan

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