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Testosterone is What Makes a Man, a Man!

Testosterone is the most predominant and powerful of the male sex hormones, collectively called androgens.

Testosterone Production Declines with Age

As men age, testosterone levels decline. This contributes to decreases in muscle mass. Body fat starts accumulating and cognition slows down. The average aging man becomes less energetic, less sexually active, and less motivated. As all of this occurs, testosterone levels are falling. Other factors contribute to declines in testosterone, such as excessive alcohol use, poor dietary choices, sedentary lifestyle, and even endocrine disruptors in our environment, personal care products, and foods.

Erectile Dysfunction with low testosterone

How does low Testosterone effect men?

Men with low testosterone may experience:

  • erectile dysfunction, mood changes,

  • diminished sexual performance,

  • changes in their body composition,

  • brain fog,

  • a reduction in their quality of life. ​

Whether a man has confirmed low testosterone or is just looking to get ahead of the aging process, Testosterone Replacement Therapy can help.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy is safe, if prescribed appropriately by a health care provider, and is an non-invasive medical treatment that can change a man's overall quality of life. Improvements can be felt in just 2-5 weeks after starting treatment, with full benefits in just a few months.

TRT Results

Improved energy, memory, and focus are just some of the first benefits patients report experiencing. Research shows patients experience an increase in libido, sexual function, and sexual desire after optimizing their testosterone levels. Other benefits include improved cognition and mood, higher muscle mass, and a lower risk for cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

Happy Couple

Testosterone Replacement Therapy plays a crucial role in fat storage, muscle mass, mental health, and can improve a man's quality of life.

If you feel you're too young to have low testosterone, you should know that many men as young as 30 suffer from low testosterone, sometimes even in their 20s.

If you think you're too old to benefit from testosterone replacement therapy, you should know many men are treated very successfully until well into their 80s.

Don't wait any longer.

Let Precision Health Alaska help you change the course of your life. It is simple and easy to relieve the symptoms and get you on your way to living your best life.


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