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What is Functional Medicine?

Functional Medicine Tree

Precision Health is personalized care which takes an individual’s risk factors, genetics, and lifestyle behaviors into account to develop a care plan tailored to you, instead of using a one-size-fits-all approach. Care plans are developed with the whole person in mind, through comprehensive medical assessments, nutrition analysis, and lifestyle evaluation using a Functional Medicine root cause approach, instead of simply masking symptoms with medications.

Integrative Medicine

In partnership with you, care plans are designed using an Integrative Medicine healing-oriented approach that is informed by scientific evidence, addresses prevention of illness, and uses all appropriate therapies and modalities of benefit when needed, seeking first the most natural and least invasive whenever possible.

One condition many causes

Functional and Integrative Medicine is a personalized approach to healthcare which involves understanding the prevention, management, and root causes of complex chronic disease. The ultimate goal is to heal disease and promote a healthy life. A healthy life is not defined as simply an absence of disease, but rather positive vitality filled with energy, joy, gratitude, and balance.

Root Causes

Functional and Integrative Medicine does not reject conventional medicine, instead it uses conventional medicine as a foundation on which to add new dimensions in the evaluation, management, and prevention of chronic disease.

Functional and Integrative Medicine focuses on the following practices:

Providing Patient-Centered Care: By actually hearing the patient's history, learning their story and relating it back to them in the context of their symptoms or problems, the provider and patient can enter into the discovery process together and then develop a management plan to address the personalized needs of the patient.

Utilizing an Integrative, Science-Based Methodology: Using the latest in medical research, in conjunction with clinical experience and patient preferences, the provider can look "upstream" into the complex web of interactions which can lead to illness from the patient's genes, history, physiology, diet, and lifestyle. It is a true "inside-out" approach, starting inside the patient's unique genetic makeup and then outward to identify physiological imbalances expressing themselves as symptoms, disease, or disorders. Central to all of this are the often overlooked aspect of internal factors, such as mind, body, and spirit, and external factors, such as the physical and social environment. Each of these aspects are vital to examine in order to evaluate the patient for optimal function.

Integration of Best Practices across Multiple Disciplines: If it works, use it! The Functional and Integrative approach utilizes traditional Western medical practices with other types of approaches from around the world. This integration of medical traditions is used to create an emphasis on:

  • Prevention of disease through nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle. ​

  • Use of the latest laboratory testing and diagnostic techniques.

  • Prescribed combinations of pharmaceuticals (when necessary), botanicals, nutraceuticals, supplements, therapeutic diets, exercise plans, rehabilitation plans, detoxification programs, and stress management techniques.

  • Eliminate and Mitigate Stress and Optimize Hormone Levels

  • Make Healthy Nutrition Choices and Maintain Detoxification Pathways

  • Maintain Physical Activity through Movement and Exercise

  • Get Enough Sleep for Health and Recovery

  • Emotional and Spiritual Health for Overall Wellness

Of you are interested in truly getting to the root of what is causing your disease or dysfunction, contact Precision Health Alaska today!

Your Journey to Wellness Starts Here!



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